About MCBA

Mini Computer Business Applications...

...or MCBA, has been a leader in the computer industry since 1974. How can any company remain a leader in the world’s fastest changing industry?

Size is not the answer, when companies like Texas Instrument, Sperry, Wang, Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and others have disappeared?
Software companies are absorbed, consolidated or just disappear faster than the Dinosaurs did! There are a few good reasons MCBA has been around so long.

* We focus on the customer and how to help them run their business better. Our goal is to make software products that will help our customers solve business problems, stay competitive, and become more profitable.

* We understand the competitive nature of business partners and their business, and that they are the interface to customer success. MCBA works hard to support our resellers in their efforts to support local customers or unique industry groups.

* We strive to improve our products at a rapid pace. However, we have learned not to try every new theory or product that rolls out of some software lab today. We have discovered that most of these will be gone tomorrow.

Business customers need for the software that runs their company to be reliable, stable, and precise. Customers must have a product that is ready to run 24x7x365, all day, everyday, with no sick days, holidays, or vacations, just day in and day out performance.

Thousands of software and hardware companies have sprung up with great ideas, but failed in these basic concepts. They are no longer around. MCBA is.